Supporting Children in Orphanages

Since 1997, ROOF has been working in orphanages in Russia to offer opportunities to institutionalized children and young people. Our aim in our orphanage projects is simply to determine what needs the particular children have and find the best way to help meet those needs.

In practice, this means that every orphanage project is unique. In some orphanages, children go out to local schools, but the lack of parental support means they fall behind with the homework. In this case, ROOF sends in teachers after school hours to support the children with their homework and to offer extra-curricular activities that support their learning and personal growth. In other orphanages, all educational provision is in-house, and in such cases we aim to supplement and increase the quality of the education that is given.

Please see the specific orphanage projects for more information. In addition to the orphanages listed in this section, we also have many projects connected to the Belskoye-Ustye orphanage in the Pskov region.