Podolsk Orphanage

History and Short Description

The orphanage was opened in 1996 because of the increasing number of social orphans in Russia. Before the orphanage existed, social orphans and orphans from Podol'sk were sent to orphanages in neighbouring towns.  When ROOF began working at Podol'sk in 1999, the orphanage was home to around 30 children. Some years numbers were significantly higher.

Misha is one of ROOF's students at Podolsk Orphanage. He is 11yo, studies very successfully at school, and is in constant search for knowledge. He reads a lot and is especially interested in radios and electronics right now. He has a talent for music and is learning how to play the piano now at a music school. Misha finished elementary school with all 4's and 5's (A's and B's) and is spoken well of by his teachers. He is a hard-worker and we feel it absolutely necessary to support this curiosity and persistence so that he can obtain a good education. Misha dreams of being part of a family someday.

Working at PodolskLike all orphans, what all these children are lacking is indivdual attention and parents' love, therefore the children at Podol'sk Orphanage are considered to be in a high risk group. ROOF's team at Podol'sk aim to establish long-term, trusting relationships with the children, as well as improving their general educational level, thinking skills and socialization. ROOF teachers concentrate on any school subjects where the children need help and support, and also place great emphasis on the individual interests of children, which has led to the addition of activities classes such as phys ed, music workshops, art lessons, sewing, home-ecomonics (skills for later independent life) and computer.

Relevant news items

  • (9 Dec 2010 - 19:24)
    In September the orphanage in Podolsk held a farewell party for its graduates. This year 4 children left the orphanage. As one of the teachers said, the orphanage is the place where they are and will always be loved, remembered and waited for, and so...
  • (30 Nov 2009 - 01:00)
    In the 2009-2010 school year there are 31 children in Podolsk Orphanage, 17 of them study at different grade levels. They are taught by ROOF teachers on a regular basis: