ROOFtops Christmas 2011

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ROOF  - Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, loyal friends of ROOF!

Dear Subscriber,

This Christmas season we hope you will watch and share our simple video which explains the significance of ROOF’s work with the children from Belksoye-Ustye Psycho-neurological Orphanage in western Russia, and the urgent need to deepen this work and extend it to other psycho-neurological orphanages:

(For the written text of the above video, please see

As part of your year-end giving, please consider a monthly donation to further this work for “Russia’s Forgotten Children.” No amount is too small, and it is easy to make one-off or automatically repeating monthly donations by credit card through our website at

OUR GOAL = automatically repeating monthly donations that together total $5000 per month

OUR PLEDGE = we will open programs in one more psycho-neurological orphanage after we make our goal!


If you are able to give a much larger donation, please contact the Chairman of ROOF directly, at, to discuss specific project sponsorship. ROOF's needs are great and its capacity for service is substantial.

Thank you all so much for your unfailing support of ROOF’s work to bring new and unexpected opportunities to Russia’s orphans!

Yours sincerely,

The Board of the Russian Orphan Opportunity Fund

Georgia J. Williams, volunteer Chairman
Dr. Daria Kirjanov-Mueller, volunteer President (Adjunct Faculty, Dept. of Modern Languages at the University of New Haven)
Karen Jansson, volunteer Treasurer – USA
Rosalind Williams, volunteer Treasurer – international (School Teacher – retired)
Arne Alsin, Board Member (Financial Advisor, Alsin Capital – adoptive parent)
Dr. Lucy Kostyanovsky, Board Member (History Department, King’s College, London, UK – adoptive parent)
Mother Nectaria McLees, Board Member (Orthodox monastic, Editor of Road to Emmaus Journal of Orthodox Faith and Culture)
Dr. Timothy Patitsas, Board Member (Assistant Professor of Ethics at Hellenic College Holy Cross)
Fr. Stephen Platt, Board Member (Priest of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Oxford, UK)
Dr. Peter Schadler, Board Member (Visiting scholar at Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology)
Dr. Nina Gorky Shapiro, Board Member (Slavic Bibliographer, Princeton University - retired)


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