ROOF's 2011 summer camp -- looking for volunteers

ROOF is recruiting volunteers for the Belskoye-Ustye 2011 Summer Camp!

We are now looking for volunteers interested in spending a few weeks in the Pskov Region of Western Russia working with the children of Belskoye-Ustye Psycho-Neurological Orphanage for the month of July 2011.

Our volunteers are usually of student age, although we can accept volunteers of any age 18+. This year, in addition to general volunteers, we are also particularly looking for people who are experienced professionals working with children with special needs, especially with regard to psychological detachment and abandonment issues (child psychologists, etc.) and physiotherapists.

More information about ROOF's annual International Summer Camp is available on the ROOF website at, and there is an online application form for those interested in being volunteers to complete.

Attached to this email below are a couple of pdf flyers for the camp. If you can print these out and have a suitable place to post them, we would be grateful of your help in recruiting more volunteers!

Thank you for you support of ROOF!

Andrew Williams

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