Current ROOF prayer requests

Thank you to all of you who pray for ROOF's work on a regular basis. Here are some updated prayer requests.

Current prayer requests:

  • that we can put together a good team of volunteers for the summer camp who will work well together and provide much-needed help and broaden the horizons of the children of Belskoye-Ustye (;
  • for ROOF to find pyschologists who do not have an overly-medicalized, deterministic view of the world;
  • that ROOF's relatively new management in Russia work effectively and prayerfully;
  • that Valeri, the father of our new Development Director Inna, who has Lou Gerig's disease and seems to have reached the final few months of his life, will be able to be kept comfortable and overcome his fears; for his carers to be diligent and caring; and for Inna as she tries to balance work and this difficult family issue;
  • that we can keep up with our funding needs (currenty an additional $5000 per month is needed), and that the new campaign we are working on to attract new regular donors will go well.

And here is a special prayer request from a family that is waiting for a judge's decision on whether or not they are going to be permitted to adopt a girl who has Down's Syndrome from the Belskoye-Ustye orphanage (

  • "Please be praying for the heart of the judge. She chose not to overturn her own ruling in the Supreme Court appeal of [another] family's adoption of [a boy] from [another institution]. She believes he is "socially unadaptable" because he has Down syndrome, and stated that he is better off in an institution. However, she approved our 2nd Pskov family ... who adopted [a girl from a local baby house]. So right now, we don't know what to think. We are just resting in the sovereignty of God. I just want her here so badly. We have been loving her from afar for nearly 21 months now, and we are just so ready to have her home with her sisters and brothers."