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Christmas Cards!

If you would like to help support ROOF and spread the message about our work, please consider buying some ROOF Christmas cards to send to your friends and acquaintances this year.

The ROOF cards were designed by children from the Podolsk City Orphanage. There are five different designs to choose from, available singly or in packs of 10 or 20.

ROOFtops Spring 2012

The latest issue of our ROOFtops newsletter is available.


ROOFtops February 2012

The latest edition of our ROOFtops newsletter has just been sent out.


£15 per month does so much!

£15 per month can give hope to an orphan. How many can you take on?

£15 per month -- that's about 50p a day!

What can you get for £15?

  • Eight coffee-shop coffees OR
  • Eleven litres of petrol OR
  • A takeaway pizza OR
  • Hope and opportunity for an orphaned child

Help us help them: just fill in the form below!.

ROOFtops newsletter Autumn 2011

Read the most recent ROOFtops newsletter, Autumn 2011 (sorry it's a little late!)


New ROOF brochure

Expecting the Unexpected from Orphans... that's the title of ROOF's new brochure. This is in one sense our mission summed up in one little phrase.

The children and young people we work with are all people with their own personality, character, experience and potential, and our role at ROOF is to provide the opportunities and space for them to make the most of all this, supporting them as they find their own way in the world.

Buy ROOF Christmas Cards!

Some of the young people in Podolsk orphanage have been busy painting seasonal pictures, and five of these have become the designs for the 2011 ROOF Christmas cards. You can buy these cards individually or in packs of 10 or 20 from the ROOF online shop.

Thanks Sergei, Kristina, Maria, Tanya, and Igor from Podolsk! Tanya's design is below, but you can see all the designs on the cards on the ROOF online shop.


2 Nov 2011 Presentation: Microfinance & Orphans?

ROOF wishes to thank Andrew and Penny Grenfell for their interesting and thought provoking presentation on 2 November, which led to an immediate brainstorming session on how microfinance might be used to stimulate entrepreneurialism and combat sense of entitlement amongst orphans, both in Moscow and in much more rural places.

New ROOF Office!

A heartfelt "thank you" to the Udalov family, for providing ROOF with a very beautiful "nest" in the center of Moscow, at Chistiye Prudi. With more and more volunteers signing on, the office space couldn't have come at a better time, as we were suddently very much in need of a place for our planning meetings!

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