The JewelGirls project is run jointly by ROOF and Fair Fund.

JewelGirls US Embassy event

On 11th February, JewelGirls held a sales party in US Embassy. Our volunteer from the Embassy, Dawn, was very helpful in organizing this event. It was timed to relate to St. Valentine's day. From our side two JewelGirls and one JewelBoy, along with JewelGirls staff Elena and Veronica and also the shelter`s social worker participated in the event.

JewelGirls in January 2011

Sales party: A volunteer from the US Embassy, Dawn Tucker, is preparing a sales party which will take place in the US Embassy on February 11.

NGO cooperation: Discussions are in progress with with the NGO “Stellit” with the aim of combining the JewelGirls program with their programs for orphans and victims of commercial sexual exploitation.

SweetHearts for JewelGirls: A Valentine's Day Campaign

FAIR Fund, which works with ROOF on the Russian JewelGirls project, is dedicated to helping high-risk and trafficked girls. They are currently running a Valentine's Day Campaign called Sweethearts for JewelGirls.

JewelGirls update, Sept - Dec 2010

Since September 2010 the Russian JewelGirls project has been taking place mainly in Moscow and the Moscow region. We have regular workshops taking place usually once or twice a week, mostly on the premises of the “Way Back Home” shelter (“Doroga k domu”). The workshops were run mainly by Elena Timofeeva (FAIR Fund Program Manager) and Veronica Antimonik (Program Coordinator).

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